can scales

Stealth Can Grinder/ Digital Scale

Weighs in 500x .1g OR 100x .01g

BIG Spice GRINDER with Collection Tray

Open top for remove fold up scale.

CD Digital Weigh Scales

Stealth CD Scale v2.0

Digital Scale 500 x 0.1g

includes leatherette slipcase & includes alternate cd cover art

M 500 Digital Scale

M 500 Digital Weigh Scale

Incremental weighs of 500g to .1g

Fantastic tray turns for easy weighing. One of the best scales for accurate weighing.

Purchase Slim Onyx digital scales online.

Ultra Slim Onyx Scale Digital Kitchen Scale

Weighs in 11.0lb x or 0.1g


Very slim and fits almost any stealth area.

Card Digital Weigh Scales

Card 400 Digital Pocket Digital Weigh Scale

Adjustable weigh increments.

These micro scales have a sliding cover which doubles as the weighing tray. Auto off function and a three button keypad. Auto calibration makes it switch on and go.

Slim credit card design makes this scale very stealthy in any situation.

AMW 500 Digital Scales

American Weigh Digital Scales - 500 x .1g

American Weigh scales offer sophistication, sleek design and excellent functionality. The AWS CD Scale is no exception, offering a stealth weighing solution and a 10 year warranty.

Capacity: 500g
Increments/Accuracy: 0.1g
Dimensions: 14cm x 12cm
Net Weight: Approx 165g

Champion CH 150 Digital Scale

Champion CH 150

Tiny, super lightweight design
Weighs in g, oz, dwt, ozt
Parts counting function
Extra large LCD display
Long lasting lithium batteries included
Calibration weight and tweezers included
Convenient pouch with belt clip

What's the best pocket scale? What's the most accurate pocket scale? What's the best pocket scale for the money? IT'S THE FLIPSCALE - 125 gram capacity with 0.05 readability. The new standard all other pocket scales will be compared to since the FlipScales offers it all - design, accuracy, performance & value. LIFETIME manufacturer's warranty.


Capacity: 125g
Increments/Accuracy: 0.1g
Dimensions: 95mm x 70mm
Net Weight: Approx 100

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